What is paasspay.com?

As the name suggests, we are all about the world around you. We want to be your companion on life’s daily services.

So, whether you want to Plumber or Electrician, Home Appliances Repair Service you Want at your home.

What is new on paasspay.com?

At paasspay.com, we’ve categorised and made available a huge supply of services in a way that they can be easily discovered and Booked.  You have search with multiple filters that can help you narrow down hassle free to what you are looking for.

We also have a brand new app that helps you get personalised offers based on your location and preferences. You can download it on Google Play Store. Get it now.

Why should I download the paasspay.com mobile app?

Our paasspay.com mobile app is a light-weight(less than 6 MB) and easy to use app, that would give you the freedom to do what you love, anywhere you are.

You can download it on Google Play Store. Get it now.

How do I register myself on paasspay.com?

Our registration process is quick & simple. You just need to Register on the paasspay.com app/website using your Mobile Number.

After booking a service where I will find the details?

If you are a registered customer you can find your booking details on the Order page which link is available on your profile page and on the bottom menu of the paasspay app, but if you are not a registered customer then you will find your booking details only on your email which is you will provide us at the time of checkout.

Can I cancel my booking?

Yes, but within two hours of booking then after you will be charged a 100 Rs. cancellation charge.

How I cancel my booking?

You just call customer support to cancel your order.

How do I get refunded if I pay online and cancel my booking?

Simply call customer support and you will get a refund on your paasspay wallet.

What to do if after service my problem is not solve?

Just call customer support and we will arrange a revisit at your location.

How do I contact Customer Support?

You can email us on support@paasspay.com or call us on +91-9308586067 (11:00 AM to 8:00 PM).

I have feedback or an idea to share, how do I share it?

We LOVE feedback & ideas. Please feel free to share all your thoughts on support@paasspay.com.