Merchant Service Agreement

1. PaassPay provides a online market place platform for service providers to market their services.

2. The standard commission rate is 15% to 30% of the sale although this may vary up or down according to the value of the sale and the type of deal.

3. PaassPay only takes a commission for selling Services.

4. The service provider will be able to review their services and associated rates and conditions before it goes live.

5. The service provider will inform PaassPay immediately if you going to close any service from selling.

6. PaassPay will require 3 full days’ notice to remove a service from his app, website or any other platform.

7. The service provider will not attempt to bypass the PaassPay customers.

8. PaassPay shall neither be responsible nor guarantee the quality of services availed by the customer from the Service provider and shall not be liable for any loss/damage/claim arising thereof. It shall be the sole responsibility of the service provider.

9. Service providers never deny to PaassPay customers serving their services or product unless won’t have a valid reason

10. Service providers will provide spaces for PaassPay poster stickers or any other promotional content. 

11. In case PaasPay customers fail to get the services or products from the service provider without any valid reason it’s the service provider’s responsibility to reimburse the same amount paid by the paasspay customer.

12. PaassPay reserve the right to cancel this agreement if found any fraud.